SOTA Arms, State of the Art AR-15 uppers, parts, targets, and ammo for fast delivery throughout the United States of American (USA) at discount sale prices!


Product Warranty and Warnings

Product Warranty

Sota Arms, Inc. has a 6-month warranty on its parts if there are no signs of misuse or modifications to the original product.This warranty covers manufactured defects, and under such defects, Sota Arms, Inc. will cover the cost of repair/replacement and will pay for the shipping of the product back to the customer.This warranty will be null and void if the customer uses reloaded ammunition with Sota Arms’ productsThis warranty is only valid if item(s) is/are purchased directly from Sota Arms, Inc.


Assembly Warning.  The customer should always have a competent gunsmith assemble a barrel or rifle kit, and to make sure that the barrel is head spaced before its first use.  Using a rifle assembled incorrectly or assembled using incorrect or modified parts can result in a damaged rifle, personal injury, death, or damage to property.

Ammunition Warning.  Sota Arms, Inc. knows that using reloaded ammunition with its products can cause feeding and other problems, therefore the warranty is null and void if a customer uses them.


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