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Variance Services

Presently SOTA Arms’ machining services are for Variance work only.  SOTA works with several firms to offer custom logos and engraving.  Services are competitively priced, and new customers can rely on them for guidance thru the Marking Variance process. 

SOTA’s mil-spec 7075 aluminum billet receivers are completely manufactured in-house by their top of the line CNC machines.  SOTA focuses on keeping tight tolerances on quality materials so customers can depend on their perfected receivers for excellent builds or resale.  In addition, time is money, and SOTA Arms gets customer orders out the door quickly.

Large and small orders are welcome at SOTA, so no matter what size the company may be, customers can be rest assured that they will be handled with the same attention to detail.  If a customer is interested in receiving more information about these services, they should contact Sales at SOTA Arms at (612) 562-4867 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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